Attachment-based Family Therapy

ABFT is an evidence-based family-focused intervention aimed at restoring adolescents’ trust in their parents’ support during distress with the aim to treat depression and suicidal ideation and behavior. During 16 weeks we work with both the parents and the adolescent. Different studies, including randomized controlled trials and studies in Flanders, support the effectiveness of this intervention.

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Middle Childhood Attachment Therapy

We developed a new intervention based on insights obtained in our fundamental research that aims to restore or to stimulate the development of children’s trust in their parents’ support. During 16 session we work with both the parents and the children. The Learn2trust lab is currently collecting data to evaluate the effect of this intervention.

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Attachment Based Care for Teams

In collaboration with the residential care team at Asster Hospital, prof Bosmans, dr Levy and prof Diamond, a milieu framework was developed, designed for interdisciplinary teams, ‘Attachment Based Care for Teams’. This framework is based on attachment theory and learning theory insights, translated into a set of skills and knowledge for team members with different (levels) of education and expertise. The Attachment Based Care for Teams program consists of training, supervision and milieu change.

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Since 2017, we organize trainings in ABFT for clinicians, a project that was funded by the Agency for Care and Health (Flanders). In collaboration with Guy Diamond and Suzanne Levy (Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA), six Flemish therapists were trained as trainer who now contribute to the dissemination of ABFT in Flanders and the Netherlands.

In-service training

We have a menu of training activities we can offer within a service. For more information, please contact